Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Immerse?

Immerse: The Reading Bible is a six-volume Bible intentionally designed to provide the best reading experience possible. The text is laid out in a single-column setting, without verses, just as you’re used to reading in any book. The Covenant Church community will be reading the Beginnings volume to take us through the entire Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) in just eight weeks.


2. Who is Immerse for?

Everyone! Adults, teens, children. You are encouraged to invite anyone to join—attendees of any church or no church. Neighbors, friends, and coworkers are all welcome to participate.


3. When will this take place?

The eight-week campaign kicks off September 10 and runs through November 5.


4. How does it work?

Each participant will read the assigned sections on their own, which consists of five passages per week requiring an investment of only thirty minutes per day—probably less time than you spend scrolling social media! With two days off, that leaves plenty of opportunity to catch up if you miss a day.

We will then gather weekly for book club style discussions where we share observations and questions from the week’s reading. These low-pressure group experiences set the table for authentic community interaction around the text. It’s intentionally uncomplicated. There are no video sessions and no workbooks. Just organic, free-flowing discussions about Scripture.

Some book club discussions will take place in regularly scheduled Sunday school classes and Bible studies, small groups, youth meetings, and children’s programs. Several additional book club groups will be available to join for the weekly discussions.


5. How do I get involved?

Participant sign-ups begin August 27 in the atrium on Sunday mornings. People can also call or email the church and ask to join a group. Participants are free to decide which group works best for their schedule. Group meetings will take place before the worship service each Sunday morning, as well as throughout the week. Most groups will be in person, but virtual groups will be offered as well. More details will be available soon.

We’re also looking for people willing to step in as additional group hosts based on church needs. It is easier than it sounds. With Immerse, rather than leading a discussion, teaching, or providing the “right answers,” your main responsibility is to facilitate conversation and help the group run smoothly. Information for how to lead an Immerse Book Club is available on the Immerse website at:  

To volunteer, please sign up on the host volunteer sheet in the atrium on Sunday morning, or contact Nici Barrett or Chris Han.


6. Do I have to be in a group to participate?

No. While group discussion provides a valuable opportunity to process what you’re reading, hear differing perspectives, and encourage one another in keeping up with the readings, group membership is not required to participate in the church-wide experience. If joining a group is not practical for your situation, you may consider meeting with one other person to discuss the week’s material, or perhaps use a journal to process your thoughts and reactions. Whatever your situation, you are encouraged to read along with your fellow believers. The sermons scheduled during the eight-week Immerse experience will align with the material we are reading together.


7. Is there any cost?

No. While we welcome donations to help cover the cost, Covenant will purchase books for all participants.


8. Why is Covenant asking everyone to participate?

One of our congregation’s recently adopted identity statements declares that we “are rooted in the Word.” Spending time in the Bible—together—and actively engaging with God’s truth provides a unifying experience to put this core aspect of our identity into practice.

Isaiah 55:11 says, “So My Word which goes from My mouth will not return to Me empty. It will do what I want it to do, and will carry out My plan well.” (NLV) This is an opportunity for us as individuals and as a church to see how God fills us in response to the reading of his Word.

The program created by the Immerse team has successfully supported church reading campaigns all over the world, and those congregations report that reading and discussing the Bible together has been transformative.