• Elders

    Our Board of Elders is called the Session. These are the spiritual leaders of the church and responsible for life and ministry at Covenant. We have nine elders who are each elected by the congregation for three-year terms and are ordained and installed by the laying on of hands. Elders at Covenant serve on one of four commissions. Elders are listed below according to their commissions and responsibilities.


    Stephanie Wilcox


    Mark Hoffman, Laura Barker, Don Stump


    Pat Carrigan, Brian Millburn


    Sam Hough, Mike Madsen, Melissa Bannerot

  • Deacons

    Covenant's Board of Deacons are the hands and feet of Jesus dedicated to service. Covenant elects and ordains twelve people by the laying on of hands for three-year terms. The deacons provide service and caring.

    • A Ministry of Caring (financial support, cards, meals, visitation)

    • Tasks of Service (Communion, baptism and Sanctuary preparation, funerals, receptions) 

    It is common to find ministry groups  caring for people as opposed to having deacons themselves meet every need. Deacons seek to match a congregational need with someone in the congregation who has the appropriate gift and talent to meet the need.

    Covenant deacons for 2024 are:

    Jan Moore                                         Jody Barker

    Bev Carrigan                                     Kathy Steiner

    Anne Madsen                                    Deanna Barrett

    Candy Fredericks                             Chris Burns

    Mike and Patricia Saunders           Gayle Sjoerdsma

    Kathy Utley

    Sandy McClure                        



    Need to talk to an elder or deacon?

    Contact the church office
    719.598.0800, office@covenant-pres.org,

"...serve one another humbly in love."

Galatians 5:13, NIV