Meeting for EVERYONE interested in planning worship, leading, playing, helping with AV and ANYONE who wants to discuss our Covenant Presbyterian Worship.

Pastor Steve Nofel will facilitate the meeting.  Elders will be present.

This meeting will be a time to listen to you and to find out what you think about the elements of worship. We are passionate about God-inspired worship at Covenant. The leadership of the church needs to plug into your passion. We need to hear about your joys, concerns, and vision for our Sunday service.

There has been much transition for our church over the last several years. Things seem to happen so quickly that we, as the leadership of the church, can sometimes overlook what should be obvious.

Firstly, you have our apologies for not doing the best job of communicating the Rev. Stephen Kolmetz’s resignation and bringing in Dr. Jun Harada as worship leader. It was all so stunningly sudden, we were behind the curve. We did the best we could in the moment communicating Stephen’s leaving, but personal meetings with the praise band and worship leaders should have been priority.

Secondly, you have my assurance as pastor and a person of integrity, that there is no back-story or hidden agenda with Stephen’s resignation. He stated by email to me, John Bystroff the chairperson of the Worship Arts and Prayer Commission, and the Praise Band that it is a changing season for him. He felt called to go in a different direction.

Thirdly, we have done Dr. Harada a disservice by not taking time to introduce him and give him time to tell his story during worship, so we can get to know him better, and all of us could be more comfortable around each other. Apologies to Jun and the congregation. We also need to celebrate him stepping into this role.

It is my hope as pastor, and the session’s hope, that we continually improve COMMUNICATION at Covenant.

Thus, the meeting of all people interested in and wanting to help plan and execute worship on Sunday, June 3, following worship in the Family Room.

I will facilitate the meeting. Elders will be there.

Our job is to listen to you:

  • What do you think of our worship?
  • What is it we do best in worship?
  • Where are some changes you would appreciate, including possible changes to our Order of Worship?
  • How can we help you praise, honor and give glory to the Almighty?
  • What can you do to help all of us to be our best in worship?

This is just part of a series of listening sessions.  We will be scheduling our quarterly Small Group Home Gatherings in the near future.

We need your help! In order to continue to expand during this growth season of our church, we need to talk to each other, hear each other, and pray together.

Please, please plan to come on June 3!

If you cannot make the meeting that day, please talk to any member of our staff or session. The session members are John Bystroff (the chairperson of the Worship Arts and Prayer Commission), Cody Hanson, Sid Hough, Karla McKechnie, Marlene LeFever, Mark Rothe,   Allison Sack, Larry Schaad, and Allen Schwab.


The Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Pastor Steve Nofel, writing on behalf of the session


Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. – Matthew 13:16