Welcome to Covenant Presbyterian Church!

What is a church? Is it a building? A line-up of programs? A place to worship? Yes, all these things, but more importantly a church is people—people gathered together by the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension and coming again, along with his continued presence with us by the Holy Spirit are central to all of life and our life together as his church.

The people at Covenant are just like people all around the world—good, but broken. We are created in God’s image and are good deep down to the core. At the same time, everyone I am acquainted with also knows that we are all broken in one way or another. We all need healing, we all need restoration. Here at Covenant we believe that we can experience substantial healing, and we can also be agents of God’s hope and healing in our relationships, our community and across the world.photo

Many people are also aware that there are ways in which we all are lost. Lost things and lost people need to be found. In Jesus, God has set about the business of finding lost people because they matter to him. He invites us into the community of his people to become a part of a caring church family—in particular here at Covenant. He gives us the opportunity to enter into a life-giving and life-changing relationship with Jesus his Son. He calls and inspires us to follow Jesus with whole-hearted devotion through the power of His Spirit and the guidance of His Word.

All people desire meaning and purpose for their lives. Here at Covenant Presbyterian Church we believe that we find meaning and purpose by becoming wrapped up in God’s mission in and for the world. We believe we gather to grow inwardly strong so that we can become outwardly focused and be sent into the world with the good news of God’s Kingdom.

God desires relationship with the people he has made, and he has made us for relationship. Relationship with him, and relationship with our fellow human beings here in the church and also in the world. Relationships of love and service. Here at Covenant, we strive, with God’s help, to be people on the journey of faith that is marked by the love of God and love of others.

Come join us!