I am very excited to share that we have called Teri Antti as our worship leader.  Teri is a gifted singer, pianist and leader.  She has great experience and is a wonderful person.

In October the Worship Arts and Prayer Commission realized that the contract of our interim worship leader, Jun Harada would be ending at the end of December.  So, W/AP informed the session we would began the process of seeking a “permanent” Worship Leader.  The position, with job description was advertised. It was our hope to have someone in place before the Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 23.

We received 13 inquiries for the position, including 10 resumes.  Clearly two resumes, including Teri’s, were far and above the others.   We interviewed the two candidates.

It became clear immediately that Teri was our first choice.  She is clearly qualified and very talented.  She is a person of faith. During the interview she played and sang for us, and we were blown away by her talented.  Also during the interview it was clear that her attitudes toward worship and the leader’s role were nearly the same as ours.

On Sunday, December 16, she played, sang and led our congregation in song.  That day affirmed the feeling we wanted to extend the call and affirmed for her she was willing to accept the call.  We, as enthusiastically unanimous about extending the call. Later in the week, Teri accepted the call.

On Sunday, both Teri and our interim worship leader, Jun Harada, led the music team.

We prayed over Jun in worship, and had a thank you cake reception for him in the atrium following worship.  We profusely THANK YOU JUN for the ministry you have provided our church.

This Sunday, December 23, Christmas Eve, and into the future, Teri will lead our wonderful music team.  Please welcome her and her 3 year old daughter, Sincerity.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Steve Nofel