Last week began and ended with a parade.

The city of Philadelphia honored their beloved NFL, Super Bowl champion Eagles with a rollicking celebration. It seemed the whole city turned out on a frigid, sunny day to give tribute.  An unprecedented win of a football game brought out wild praise for players.

An Saturday there was a much different parade 2,000 miles from Philly. This parade went down Powers Blvd. In equally frigid weather, and in a driving snowstorm, the city of Colorado Springs came out to honor a fallen hero.  The solemn procession giving tribute to Officer Micah Flick was awesome, humbling, sad, and inspiring.

As I reflected and prayed about it and for his family this morning, I couldn’t help but wish our first responders, teachers, service folks, and everyone who keeps this society going, and serves all of us, often at risk could ride in their own rollicking parade with ticker-tape and confetti raining down on them.

I can’t organize a tribute to all who deserve, but I can give tribute to those around me who deserve a loud cheer, and much humble thanks.

Did you notice in our Annual Meeting Report we are doing just as much and more ministry to very nearly as many people as the last few years? Did you further notice we are doing it with A LOT with LESS resources.  This means our Session, Commissions. Volunteers, Friends and Staff are stepping up.  HURRAY for all of you!!!

My most deep felt thanks and special cheers go to our STAFF, who are my Super-Champions! They deserve a shower of accolades.  In alphabetical order,  I thank and congratulate and, if I were physically capable would carry them through our sanctuary on my shoulders:

Sarah Boatright

Lisa Craig

Rebecca Dillon

Rochelle Fralick

Gabriel Jaramillo

Dave Post

Well Done Good and Faithful Servants!