As you saw on the the homepage of our church web page, we have begun the search for a permanent worship leader.  As we do so, I must thank Jun Harada from the bottom of my heart for stepping into the interim position at a moment’s notice back in the spring.  He has really been a blessing to our congregation and to me.

We are installing a new soundboard in the sanctuary next week, Jun’s contract as interim comes up at the end of December and today’s snow is telling us that time is moving too quickly.  So we have begun to search for a worship leader without “interim” in front of their name.

I sincerely apologize to the Worship Arts and Prayer Commission and to Jun for posting the position search today (Wednesday, October 10) we had agreed to wait until Sunday, October 14.  I was to make the initial announcement from the pulpit.  However, I messed up.  I posted the position search today.  I should have waited.  I was to anxious.  Again, my apologies to all who are adversely impacted.

Again many thanks to Jun, our musicians, sound people, tech folks and all who have worked with our music ministry.  We owe you all so much.

I pray, we can continue to move forward in Christ’s name,

Pastor Steve Nofel