What a couple of days! It has been insane.

It started yesterday morning. As I was getting in my car, I saw that all my glove box papers were strewn around. Someone had taken advantage of my failing to lock it the night before and rummaged around trying to steal what they could. Here in Briargate! Luckily, I never keep anything of value in the car, and the breaker-inners weren’t interested in my backup ball cap. Even more luckily, the remote thingy on the dashboard that is supposed to open the trunk died about two years ago. I was irked, but thankful nothing was taken or broken.

Yesterday around 4:00, I was trying to meet son, Matthew, his girlfriend Kira and her family for supper. Yes, I was going to play hooky from Awana and Youth Group. However, there was an accident on I-25, and I literally couldn’t get there. Then they drove through the night to get to College Station Texas, for the Texas Shoot-out archery tournament. So, it was a sleepless night of worry. They have arrived safely. Since I was short on sleep, I wanted to be crabby. Well, our oldest son, Chuck wouldn’t let me. As he got ready for school, he was cracking me up with his sly/dry sense of humor.

When I arrived at church this morning, a couple of things came up that did not please me. I so wanted to be crabby. However, who can be crabby with Rebecca, Rochelle, Doug Moore, the Bible study ladies, and Mary Ellen Shaad, all here, and all so darned cheerful?

Trying to get away from the good humor, I went out for coffee with my wife Kim (though I am always in imminent danger of her own good cheer and beautiful smile leading me astray). Very long story short, we lost her purse. I was not crabby but downright flummoxed. We went about canceling cards, thinking of lost cash, and all the hassle of replacing things, such as her driver’s license. As I was going through the garbage pails at the park, hoping it was dumped, Starbucks on Briargate and Union called. The purse was found! Everything was intact and in it. People are so good! I had an instant attitude change.

However, that adventure made me late. I was about to be later. One road I needed was closed due to construction. My alternate route took twice as long as usual because, you guessed it, more construction. Finally, I picked up Chuck, had time to drop him off, and then scurried back to Starbucks, to have coffee with Bill and Nancy Tibert. Yes, I was harried, and trying to be crabby again, but they are too delightful for words. We had a wonderful visit and they will be a part of Marge Page’s celebration on Saturday. So much for another lousy mood—it went right out the window.

Finally, back at my desk, and as I started to write this, I was trying my best to regain my grump. Who wants to be sitting at a desk on a perfect day? The little dingy signal thing on my email told me Marlene LeFever had sent Gabriel Jaramillo and I a note. It was the coolest note—ever! She had two great conversations at Grilled Cheese with students today, affirming our ministry, outreach, and their great appreciation. I am still grinning over that one.

As hard as I am trying, you people just won’t let me be crabby. “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up the other.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Thanks for lifting me up this week. I hope to return the favor as soon as Sunday and the sermon.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Steve Nofel

p.s. As I was editing the above, Internet Explorer stopped working and dumped my article into cyberspace. Thankfully, Chuck has taught me to save, and keep clicking buttons. I got it back, and doggone it, another bad mood went away.