Rochelle Fralick, Nursery Coordinator

Rochelle Fralick, Nursery Coordinator

Rochelle Fralick and her family began attending Covenant about two and a half years ago.  They felt welcomed and wanted to get involved from the start.  Rochelle has been on staff as our Nursery Coordinator for about two years now.

The Fralicks moved to Colorado Springs in 2010 due to a military PCS.  They were looking for a place to stay and absolutely fell in love with the area, bought a house, and husband Chris retired from the Army.  They are enjoying learning about the area and exploring all the beauty it has to offer

Chris and Rochelle have been married for over 20 years and have two fantastic children that keep them busy with sports, extra-curricular activities, and day-to-days.  They have one dog (only because Chris won’t allow adopting them all), and an aquarium full of fish.  Rochelle loves how children teach us to continue to be in awe and wonder of everyday things and occurrences.

Rochelle’s experience working with children includes working as a nanny, daycare work, and child services through the military, substitute teaching, and volunteering.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in Sociology as well as a Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland in Counseling and Personnel Services.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, taking walks and trying new recipes. She is growing accustomed to cooking at our altitude and likes making goodies of all kinds.

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September 29, 2016