Lisa Craig, Media Communications Coordinator

Lisa Craig, Media Communications Coordinator

Lisa and her husband Jay began attending Covenant in February of 2016 after searching for a small church where, “almost everyone knows your name.” Of all the churches in town, they chose to visit Covenant because Lisa had grown up at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri. The first time they visited Covenant they felt a kinship and connection, and decided they had found their church.

Lisa and Jay met at a bookstore in Denver and married in 1984. Shortly after that, Jay brought home a Macintosh computer and Lisa began teaching herself desktop publishing and graphic design and worked for or volunteered as a graphic designer at numerous churches and non-profits. Shortly after coming to Covenant, she volunteered to maintain the Facebook page and later began helping update the website.Lisa Craig and her puppies

Lisa and Jay had one daughter, Katie Beth, who had special needs and died in 2003 at the age of 15. Lisa and Jay and their dachshunds, Joy and Gracie enjoy hiking, dog parks, reading and socializing at Starbucks, and vacationing in New Mexico. Lisa also enjoys volunteering in the community with Gracie, as a registered therapy dog team.


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May 31, 2017