A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine

Most of the time I try to get to church sometime around 7:30 in the morning.  No one is expecting me until 8:30, so I have quiet time before things get rolling. About once or twice a week, I don’t make it that early, and it is OK with me.  If I am closer to 8:30, I... read more

We Are a Mess

You need to know that at one point each of the last two Saturdays this church building was a big huge mess — and I loved it. Two Saturdays ago we had just about 300 people in and about the atrium, classrooms and sanctuary for the Easter Egg Hunt. Since a majority were... read more

I Dig Theology

So, ok, the title is a pun. By “dig” I first mean that I enjoy thinking theologically and I love talking theology.  Be careful, I will suck you into a discussion of Scripture or doctrine and then 20 minutes of your life will be gone. By “dig” I also mean that I love... read more

Don’t Overthink Easter

Rather than over think Easter, and I would never over think something. Not me man. I went to a nifty little book I have named, Our Christian Symbols by Friedrich Rest published first in 1954 and again in 1959 and sold to a man named Howard T. Clark of Colorado Springs... read more


Doesn’t it drive you nuts when someone plants a song in your head? This morning after I slipped a new shirt over my head, Kim looked at me and called me Minnie Pearl. I hope you remember the wonderful comedienne who became even more famous when she joined the cast of... read more

The Rest of the Story

Let me finish the story I began with my sermon on Sunday. As I said, my mom passed away in September 2002. The last words we said to each other were the words of blessing: “The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God our Father, and the... read more

Getting Started in Life Bible Study

I hope you noticed on Sunday we were bursting at the seams during community hour. Roundtables was full. Mosaic kept moving chairs into the library. We have a yearning for knowing more about Jesus and our relationship with our ever loving God. I am proud of this group!... read more


TRIBUTE Last week began and ended with a parade. The city of Philadelphia honored their beloved NFL, Super Bowl champion Eagles with a rollicking celebration. It seemed the whole city turned out on a frigid, sunny day to give tribute.  An unprecedented win of a... read more

I Am

Jesus said to them, “Very truly, I tell you, before Abraham was, I am.” John 8:58 No, I am not going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Matthew is shooting in a tournament up in Denver.  Kim is coaching other archers in the same event. Chuck and one of his Dungeons... read more