Thank You Jun!

As you saw on the the homepage of our church web page, we have begun the search for a permanent worship leader.  As we do so, I must thank Jun Harada from the bottom of my heart for stepping into the interim position at a moment’s notice back in the spring.  He... read more

On Being Pleased as Punch

O.k. so I am dating myself. Former Minnesota Senator, Vice-President, and presidential candidate Hubert H. Humphrey was known for expressing his pleasure by saying, “I’m as pleased as punch!”  Don’t know what it meant, but obviously it has stuck with me. The... read more

Student Ministry News

Dear Covenant Church Family Members, On Monday, July 9, 2018, the Session passed a motion to accept Gabriel Jaramillo’s resignation as Director of Youth Ministry with much regret effective August 15, 2018. Our love and prayers go with him, Kristy, and the boys. I... read more

Consider Your Call

Consider Your Call Last Sunday, July 1, following worship, the Standing Nominating Committee (SNC) met to brainstorm the calling of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). All the members of the SNC were present. The SNC members are Allen Schwab, Marlene LeFever,... read more

Calling Our Next Installed Pastor – We Have Begun!

Dear Covenant Family, On Monday, at our regular meeting, the session began the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) process. We are on our way to calling our next installed pastor. It will take lots of hard work, and a lot of your prayers to get there. But we have begun!... read more

Our Worship

Dear friends, in response to what I have been feeling over the last several months and some of the feedback from our gathering last week on worship, we have made some changes to our weekly order of worship. This is an order I am very comfortable with. I believe it... read more

A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine

Most of the time I try to get to church sometime around 7:30 in the morning.  No one is expecting me until 8:30, so I have quiet time before things get rolling. About once or twice a week, I don’t make it that early, and it is OK with me.  If I am closer to 8:30, I... read more

We Are a Mess

You need to know that at one point each of the last two Saturdays this church building was a big huge mess — and I loved it. Two Saturdays ago we had just about 300 people in and about the atrium, classrooms and sanctuary for the Easter Egg Hunt. Since a majority were... read more

I Dig Theology

So, ok, the title is a pun. By “dig” I first mean that I enjoy thinking theologically and I love talking theology.  Be careful, I will suck you into a discussion of Scripture or doctrine and then 20 minutes of your life will be gone. By “dig” I also mean that I love... read more