O.k. so I am dating myself.

Former Minnesota Senator, Vice-President, and presidential candidate Hubert H. Humphrey was known for expressing his pleasure by saying, “I’m as pleased as punch!”  Don’t know what it meant, but obviously it has stuck with me.

The phrase that I last heard in the 1970s has been in my mind for the last several weeks as I have thought about our Youth and Children’s programs.

Yes, I do miss Gabriel & Kristy Jaramillo, and the boys.

At the same time “I’m as pleased as punch.” I am so happy to welcome Kara Duran and Karla McKechnie to the Awana and Children’s Ministries.  They bring everything we ask of ministers, “energy, intelligence and imagination.”  They also bring sacks full of love for the Lord and our young people.

I am also happy to “officially” welcome Jason Boatright as co-director of Youth Ministry. Jason and Sarah make a super team. They too are full of love, energy, intelligence, and imagination.

I’m as pleased as punch that Susan Yeh with Awana, and Rochelle Fralick with the Nursery continue to minister.

You must come by the church sometime in the near future. Sarah and Jason’s office has transformed into a gathering place for youth.  We have a new “Office of Children’s Ministries” that is newly painted and decorated.  You will never recognize it as a former pastor’s stuffy old study.  (The weeks that I was in there before moving down the hall to Steve’s Neighborhood, I’m sure I made it extremely stuffy).

Anyway, I simply ask for prayers for all the people I mentioned, all the volunteers whom we could not do the ministry without, and most especially our young people. The Lord does bless and keep all these Children of God.