Doesn’t it drive you nuts when someone plants a song in your head?

This morning after I slipped a new shirt over my head, Kim looked at me and called me Minnie Pearl. I hope you remember the wonderful comedienne who became even more famous when she joined the cast of the country-corn classic, “Hee Haw.” Ole Minnie always wore a flat ladies hat with a price tag dangling and cried out, “HOWDY!”

Kim called me “Minnie Pearl” because my new shirt’s price tag was dangling from my neck.

Then Kim did me a dirty turn. She burst into Flatt and Scruggs Bluegrass classic, “Pearl, Pearl, Pearl.”

Guess what has been going through my head all morning?!?

It was really a dirty turn because it forced out “There is a Redeemer” which will be performed by STIX the next two Sundays during the worship service.

All of this was a long way to get into INVITING you, your loved ones, friends, and anyone else who needs Christ to come to our worship service the next two weeks.

Sunday is Palm Sunday. We will have the usual children’s Palm Parade. Then we will serious-up right quick and baptize four young people, then we will join with two others as they make their first public affirmation of faith, and several others who are making a public reaffirmation. It will inspire us as we then turn to the Reading of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Of course, the next Sunday is Easter. It will be our blowout Joyful Celebration of all God has done for us through Jesus Christ.  “Jesus Christ is Risen! Jesus Christ is Risen, Indeed!”

Between Sundays, we will have our Maundy Thursday Service at 6:00 p.m.  It will begin with a true potluck supper in the Family Room, where we will share a meal and also share Holy Communion.

Good Friday Worship will be in the Sanctuary at 7:00 p.m.  It will be our Covenant Church traditional service of nailing our sins to the Cross.

As I stated earlier, you are invited and urged to bring your loved ones, friends, and anyone else who needs Christ to come to worship with our Family of God.