After a grocery run to the Super (Duper) Walmart the other day, I was pushing my half loaded cart to the car. It was then I began to hear voices. I wheeled around thinking someone may be talking to me, but there was no one in sight. But the voices persisted.
It was then, I thought, it finally happened. I have been half expecting it most of my life, and now it has come to pass. I have gone insane. I am hearing voices that no one else can hear. My chest tightened and I fearfully began listening to what those voices were telling me. I was hoping, no make that praying, the message would be benevolent and not something dark.
As I listened, it turned out to be just one voice. It actually sounded like the actor and book narrator John Rubenstein. When I actually heard the words I was relieved beyond measure. It was Rubenstein, and he was reading, my current audio book! My shopping cart must have bumped a button on my phone which was in the front pocket of my hoodie, and the book was playing. Whew! Maybe I am not as crazy as I think I am.
As I have been reflecting on this incident, I realized I “hear” something most of the time in my head, not necessarily voices but different things. If a worship song really strikes me, I am humming it or singing it all week. Not a bad thing, it is kind of a way to passively pray, putting myself in God’s presence.
I also hear Scriptures. Actually hear several different voices when I “hear” Scripture passages in my head. Whatever passages I am working on for preaching or personal devotion are never far from away. When I hear a particular word or a phrase it may trigger a Scripture quotation. Or when I am visiting with someone, an appropriate Bible verse will come into my head, and I will share it.
I sometimes hear my wife or my mom’s voice as well. When I am being particularly ornery I can hear Kim say, “Really?” Or if I pick up a particularly holey pair of shorts out of the stack in my drawer, I can hear Mom talk about never knowing when I get in an accident or being her “original slob.”
When I am being particularly dense, and finally get it, I hear our late dear friend Sue’s favorite refrain (drawn out for several syllables) when she suffered fools impatiently, “Ya think?”
So, yup, I do hear voices, but hopefully it doesn’t mean I am too crazy but immersed in song, Scripture, my faith, and not too far from loved ones.
Hey, maybe I am not nutsy at all, just blessed!