I hope you noticed on Sunday we were bursting at the seams during community hour. Roundtables was full. Mosaic kept moving chairs into the library. We have a yearning for knowing more about Jesus and our relationship with our ever loving God. I am proud of this group!

We are filling up in our studies and I am offering another Sunday morning opportunity. James, the brother of Jesus wrote a letter to those who were trying to figure out a grown-up faith in Christ. These were people who wanted to follow but were unsure how to live a life in Christ. So he wrote them a letter full of advice.  I am offering the Bible Study: Getting Started in Life Bible Study of the Letter of James.

You are invited to this study if you are

  • Feeling like you are getting started in the adult world.
  • New to marriage and/or parenting.
  • Beginning a new phase of your spiritual life.
  • Want to read and discuss a book of the Bible with other believers.

All are welcome. Meeting in Pastor Steve’s Study, Room 200.

Bring your Bible. After a short introduction of James and his letter by Pastor Steve, we will read the letter together and discuss it over six weeks: February 25-March 18 and April 8-25.