I have always felt just a little different.  Eccentric isn’t quite descriptive of how I feel about myself.  Neither does odd, unconventional, peculiar, strange, weird or bizarre.  After all, I look in the mirror, I see a balding, grey bearded, Protestant pastor, with conservative casual cloths (including request hoodie and ball-cap). The only jewelry I wear is a small cross and wedding rings.  There are no piercings, or anything unusual about me that anyone else can see. I don’t drink, smoke, recreational marijuana doesn’t mean a thing to me except as an entertaining news story.

From all outward appearance you can almost use me as a poster-child of the middle-of-the-road middle-aged American man.  Yet I feel out of step with most people around me.  I have never been able to figure it out until, I was reading my book: Baseball’s Greatest Quotations, and ran across various opinions of left-handed people.

They have crooked arms. They throw crooked, they walk crooked and they think crooked. They even wear their cloths crooked. You have to figure they’re a little crazy.” – Al Schacht

There ain’t a lefthander in the world who can run a straight line. It’s the gravitational pull on the earth’s axes that gets ‘em. – Ray Miller

I don’t need them. Just being left-handed is like taking a greenie (an illegal amphetamine) a day. – Tug McGraw

That’s it! Being left-handed explains it. I am just a little weird because I am working against the gravitational pull of the earth.  By definition I am a little crooked.  Yea, and sometimes I do feel just a little hepped up – not that I would know what it is like to be under the influence of any drugs, after all, left-handed or not, I am still Mr. Middle America.

But, I am different. I need to celebrate that.  Not by getting my nose pierced or dying my white hair a primary color, but by remembering and living out that I am a Child of God.

I praise you (O Lord), for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well. – Psalm 139:14

We have all been fearfully and wonderfully made and we are all just a little different from each other. It is just how He made us.  And as I heard somebody once say, “The Lord doesn’t make junk.”  He made us, “Just as I am, without one plea.”  He made us all different, just a little, let’s say distinctive.  So that each may tell of His marvelous works in different ways to different people, all types of people.

Celebrate your uniqueness. Remember God made you who you are.  Accentuate the positive, and use your gifts, talents, and quirks to serve Him and bring others to Him.