Consider Your Call

Last Sunday, July 1, following worship, the Standing Nominating Committee (SNC) met to brainstorm the calling of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

All the members of the SNC were present. The SNC members are Allen Schwab, Marlene LeFever, Allison Sack, Sheri George, Rick Lien, and me (ex-officio).

We discussed at length finding representation of the whole congregation. We spent much time on the procedure for contacting possible candidates to serve on the PNC, and a timeline for contacting people and receiving answers.

We engaged in much creative thinking and discussion. We then brainstormed the names of different individuals and couples to serve. One of the great “out of the box” ideas was to ask several married couples to be a part of the PNC as one entity.

Session approved a PNC of seven voting members. A couple will represent one voting member. Two people, one vote.

We will still have SEVEN voters. Each couple will get a single vote.This way if a spouse travels a lot for work, the other spouse can attend and fill the commitment. Also, parents can share meeting attendance responsibilities and childcare. This does not violate the Book of Order or the Covenant Presbyterian Church Handbook.

With this in mind, we are and will be very careful to ask single people to serve on the PNC. We have also been very careful to ask people from a wide spectrum of ages to serve.

Please pray for our SNC, and candidates who will be approached to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee over the next several weeks. If you are called upon, please consider your call. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite everyone who has expressed interest or who would be a great part of the pastor search.

We are heeding the words to the churches in Revelation: We are listening to the “wind words of the Spirit.”