Prayer and Healing

photo of candlesA Praying Church

At Covenant, we seek Christ and desire to be a “praying church”. Prayer is the living breath of His church, so a church without prayer is a church without life. Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and we fellowship with Him and others through prayer, worship, and service.

It’s intentional that we do not have a “department” or “office” of prayer. We do not have a place where people can drop off their prayer requests like you might drop off your laundry at the cleaners. Instead, we pray for what’s on people’s hearts and we teach them how to pray, too. Our hope is that we will instill in this family a desire and a love for prayer that will serve us in our service of Christ.

As a community, we seek to listen to God in the midst of our prayers. We have learned that making plans and asking God to bless them is not productive or honoring to Him. When in need, we pour out our hearts as He invites us to do, and then we listen for His word of direction or encouragement. When we “soak” ourselves in His presence, we find that our requests and perspective changes. This is the fruit of abiding in Him (John 15).

If you are in need of prayer, we encourage you to ask the question, “who is my family at Covenant?” The best place to begin is with a trusted friend or group. It doesn’t take a specialist to pray. It only takes someone who is available to God first and then to others.

All this is to say, there are no experts in prayer. The further you move into God’s presence, the more novice you feel. Prayer is an activity that you can’t master. It masters you. So when you start to pray, God is not interested in four-syllable words, fancy liturgy, or phrases. He is interested in you, i.e. What are you thinking about? Where are you stuck? What burdens you? If you’d like to invite others to help you pray, consider one of the options below.

School of Healing Prayer

From time to time, Covenant facilitates the “School of Healing Prayer” video series by Francis & Judith MacNutt, founders of Christian Healing Ministries.  CHM is dedicated to praying with those in need of healing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of their lives, and to teaching others about this often overlooked aspect of Christ’s ministry.

The Prayer Corner

At the conclusion of  every Sunday worship service, you are invited to the Prayer Corner to the right of the platform(as you face the front of the room) in the Worship Room. There you will find elders, deacons, and shalom ministers ready to pray with you for whatever or whoever is on your mind or heart. Or turn to someone close to you and ask them to join you in prayer if you are so led.

Wednesday Night Prayer

Join the shalom ministers on Wednesday evenings this summer, whether you need prayer or want to pray for others. They meet at 7:00 p.m. in the library.

Prayer Network

The Prayer Network is a remake of the “prayer chain” of yesteryear. If you need prayer immediately, contact the church office.
praying man

Pray Now

The Pray Now is the list of prayer requests that is printed in the weekly worship bulletin on Sunday mornings. If you would like prayer coverage for 2-3 weeks, please contact the church office. Please note: We will not publish your prayer request without your expressed permission.

Over the course of the last 10 years, the Healing and Prayer Ministry has sponsored activities that have included workshops, retreats, healing services, classes, vigils, corporate fasting, and prayer walks.

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