stewardship logoAt Covenant, the covenantal stewardship of our life in Christ is lived out and is focused through the words TIME, TALENT, TREASURE and TERRA. We believe that everything belongs to God and that he has given us the responsibility of managing (being good stewards) of our time, talent and treasure, and of his good creation.

Photo of helperThus stewardship is not only about money. It’s about living in a way that every resource that God has given to us, individually and as a community of his people, is returned to him. Returned in acts of partnership in his redemptive purposes. As we become better stewards, we find more ways to build bridges of God’s hope and healing in our relationships, in our communities and in the world. Making a commitment of our time, talent and treasure, and a commitment to care for God’s creation, is a process of thought and inspiration guided by the Holy Spirit.