Elders and Deacons


hands on piano keysOur Board of Elders is called the Session, and it is responsible for life and ministry at Covenant. We have nine elders who are each elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Elders at Covenant serve on one of four commissions, each with a different area of responsibility for Covenant’s ministries. Elders are listed below according to their commissions and responsibilities.

Contact an Elder: You may email an elder by clicking here. You may contact our Clerk of Session, Elizabeth Robinove, at 719.598.0800.

  • Worship Arts and Prayer
    John Bystroff (chair) and Sid Hough
    This commission is responsible for our worship services, the Worship Room, our Praise Band, for special worship events and for Covenant’s Prayer Ministries.
  • Children and Student Ministries
    Colin Duran and Linda Dickson
    Oversight of our Children’s Ministries (birth – 5th grade) and Student Ministries (middle and high schoolers).
  • Adult Discipleship
    Mark Rothe and Allison Sack
    Leadership for Covenant’s Adult Ministries, including Sunday School and mid-week classes, home groups, and outreach.
  • Operations
    Patrick Carrigan, Scott McKechnie, Larry Schaad (chair), and Harold Overstreet (Treasurer)
    Responsible for Covenant’s grounds and building, our finances, and staff.


Covenant’s Board of Deacons is a part of the leadership fabric of church life. Covenant elects and ordains twelve people by the laying on of hands for three-year terms. Together they are responsible for two primary areas:

  1. A Ministry of Caring (e.g. financial support, cards, meals, visitation) and
  2. Tasks of Service (e.g. communion, baptism & Worship Room preparation, receptions)

taking communionDeacons tackle these needs by mobilizing our congregation to enter the caring process. For example, it is common to find ministry groups and home groups caring for people as opposed to having deacons themselves meet every need.  Deacons seek to match a congregational need with someone in the congregation who has the appropriate gift and talent.

Covenant deacons for 2019 are:
Jeff Barnes (chair), Bev Carrigan, Sheri George (scribe), Heidi Griffin, Bruce Hanson (co-chair), Mark Hoffman, Glena Lathrop, Sandy McClure, Chuck Nofel, Holly Pettit, Liz Sabin, and Maggie Warren.

You may call the church office at 719.598.0800 if you need to contact a deacon.