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Iwalani grew up in an Air Force family that spent many years in Germany. She graduated high school in Berlin and went to college in Munich.  Upon returning to the United States, Iwalani worked in the banking industry for 13 years. After encountering an armed robbery, Iwalani made a career change and entered the field of Information Technology. This is where she met her husband, Chris. Although they did not work at the same company, their paths would repeatedly cross and eventually they began to date. Chris and Iwalani celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this year.

After the birth of their oldest daughter, Iwalani felt led to make another big life change. After much prayer, Chris and Iwalani agreed it was best for their family that she support and nurture her family in a fully-available, intentional way in the role of a stay-at-home parent. The Han family was blessed to grow with the births of 2 more children.  You’ll see these three Han kids at Youth Group and volunteering here at Covenant!

Iwalani enjoys embroidery/sewing, reading, movie and game nights with her family, and hiking/camping in quiet places where it is easier to hear the voice of God.  She believes God led her to service at Covenant, that he has specific plans for her gifts as well as her personal growth and relationship with Him. Serving as Family Outreach & Enfold Coordinator provides an opportunity to support our Children’s Ministries, for which she has a strong passion. Iwalani is enthusiastic about creating personal connections with everyone she meets and enjoys creating opportunities for others to connect as well.