A Message From Pastor Steve Nofel—

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have the responsibility to inform you, my brothers and sisters in Christ at Covenant Church, that Teri Antti’s last Sunday as our worship leader was June 2.

While this last Sunday has come abruptly, and her departure came up suddenly; it has been a while in coming. Around Easter, Teri began talking with myself and others about some family issues and dynamics in her life that could quickly take her away from Covenant and even Colorado.

Between those family issues, and some health concerns for herself, she can no longer lead our worship.  

She has assured me, the staff, the Worship, Arts and Prayer Commission, and a number of you individually, that she loves Covenant and would continue to be our worship leader if personal circumstances would permit. She has said to me several times that she has never been in a church that has supported her so much.

Teri flew to San Diego on Sunday. I kept hoping this would not come to pass. However, with regret, not wanting to at all, we released her to her calling in a new and different direction.

We praise the Lord for our Worship Team. Several members have agreed to step up—and even step out of their comfort zones—to lead worship in the coming weeks.

The Worship, Arts and Prayer Commission is working as quickly as possible to find an interim worship leader. While we want to move quickly, we are only going to call the best. Thank you to the Saints who are willing to step up and help in the meantime.

Thank you Teri. You will be missed.

The Lord continues to bless this congregation!

Pastor Steve Nofel